Why 3D animation is important

Why 3D animation is important. Your essential guide to 3D cgi and 4 reasons you need 3D animation video for your business to grow and prosper.

If you’re a business owner or work in marketing for a company who make a physical product or something molecular (or hard to see) then knowing why 3D animation is important will arm you with a powerful weapon in your quest for more sales and greater understanding among your audience. 
Think about fancy product spins and element explosions (this is where a watch for example explodes in to it’s individual components for effect) and we have the basis for an awesome 3D animation video. Looks aren’t everything though (ask my wife) and ensuring what your marketing assets achieve with close monitoring is also a must. 

4 reasons why 3D animation is important 

1. You have a complex product

We’ve made ten videos now for Fassi. They manufacture truck mounted cranes. Even for operators post training, they can get a little stuck. And that’s the  beauty of a 3-D animation explainer video. After running the data on frequently asked questions, we were able to identify regular problems facing the operators. We address this by making 3-D animation videos and we can send these out quickly to operators in the field. With on-screen text to help drivers and operators we can solve the problems in no time allowing them to carry on with their tasks.

2. You cannot show your offering with standard video

If you work in biochemistry or even in the space or lunar industries then showing what you offer using regular video cameras is impossible. This is where 3-D animation can really help. We can re-create the surface of Mars or inside the veins of a potential patient. Things like pharmaceutical solutions and avionics are perfect for using 3-D animation video. Tricky to film subjects, whether down to sensitivity or distance/size, 3D animated explainer videos are definitely worth exploring. The possibilities are boundless 👩‍🚀

3. You have a physical product

For those who offer a service I’d fully recommend a 2-D animation video such as an explainer animation or a character animation video. But if you produce something in the real world whether it is a widget for a beer can or a space rocket, using 3-D animation in all departments of your business can give you the edge. It gives consumers the chance to feel like they’re actually touching it. They can spin it around on a web page or watch a video of how it might be used in the real world. This can tantalise the imagination of users into realising potential advantages of adoption. 

4. Military or hazardous scenarios

If you’re in the defence sector then we can skirt around issues revolving around filming in a war situation. We can re-create soldiers and military hardware. The same can be said for fire or evacuation training.

Rather than use real world people and risk endangering them, We can easily depict any scene using 3-D CGI characters and rendered scenery. When deconstructing the question “why 3d animation is important” we have to look at multiple factors and blend the production quality with the outcome or desired result. An amazing video used incorrectly will still fail to live up to it’s full potential.

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Thanks for reading this short guide on Why 3D animation is important

Matt, Founder, Tweak Video Limited

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