What’s Video Marketing?

What’s Video Marketing? – 4 essentials to boost your digital marketing efforts with video content that will captivate and convert. Read the following tips to maximise your results.

What's Video Marketing?

Even a seasoned marketeer might ask them-self, in depth, what’s video marketing? And more importantly, how do you navigate the digital marketing landscape to make a video marketing strategy that will deliver the results you desire. Spending your valued time wisely and getting that positive return is vital. The key is consistency. Once someone has liked your page or followed your social media channels, they are saying “I like you and I’m interested” or put another way, they want to be updated with your news on new products or services and to be reminded that you are there!

What’s Video Marketing?

One – Define your Budget

If you’re a start up, think about what tools you have already. Got a smartphone? BANG! That’s a 12 megapixel bad boy camera at your disposable. Need to learn how to use it, have a browse on YouTube – there’s a plethora of influencers to follow. No need to purchase their course, plenty of free resources to start you off. If required, think about splashing a bit of cash on a gimbal to stabilise your shots at a later date. Lose the fear of appearing on camera, just start, and you’ll improve I promise.

Two – Target Audience

Where are your potential clients? Offline or online? Which social media channels do they prefer? This is important because different social media platforms have a different aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is a fancy video term for the shape and dimensions of the image. For example TikTok and Instagram prefer portrait style videos. But YouTube and LinkedIn prefer landscape videos. Of course there is some crossover but defining this at the outset is crucial. Think about things like online “groups” and make sure you max out your content by posting across your niche markets.

Three – Multiply Content

In order to boost your website with your blog for search engine optimisation, why not use your script for your video as a blog post? In fact, why not push the boat out and include the video content in the blog post. ⛵️ This will give consumers the choice of what to consume – video or text. There are many website tools out there for posting across multiple social media channels at the same time such as HootSuite and Buffer so these are well worth investigating.

Four – Branded Motion Graphics 

Invest in some branded motion graphics to give your video marketing some traction. Motion graphics are simply graphic designs or illustrations that move! I would go for three elements to begin with which are a branded “intro” graphic which gives you room to add the title, an animated name strap which helps to reinforce your brand and inform the viewer who is talking, and a closing “Call to Action” motion graphic.

If you’re in a referral network, send the word out if anyone is a motion designer. Failing this, have a look on the online market places such as fiver or upwork and see if you can get these made for as little as £5 to £10. Switch them every 3 months or so to keep engagement high. Oh, and a custom thumbnail image will really help too!

In a nutshell 🥜, What’s Video Marketing? – it’s the commitment to continually engage your audience with rich video content that viewers (and potential clients) find engaging and it ultimately convinces them to enquire and purchase.

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Thanks for reading this short guide on What’s Video Marketing? 👍🏼

Matt, Founder, Tweak Video Limited

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