What should an explainer video include?

What should an explainer video include? 4 essentials to ensure maximum success for your explainer video. From content to Call to action. Read the below guide for get started on video marketing success.

what should an explainer video include?

What should an explainer video include?

1. Branded Motion Graphics
If you’re a serious biz hellbent on Wall Street Domination (oh hang on I think that’s me) then using some branded animation like an opener will signal to viewers you’re a professional outfit with a quality offering. A bit like a business card or headed paper, it’ll add a touch of finesse as well a visual cue to be remembered. Adhere to brand guidelines and think about a name strap (an animated on-screen graphic to tell the audience who’s speaking) and a Call to Action.

2. Avoid dates or references to current news
Videos become outdated quite quickly so let’s increase their lifespan. Rather than saying “18 months ago” say “since January 2021” and make no reference to current events like an impending trade show or product launch without careful script consideration first. 

3. Subtitles (or at least a subbed version)
With 80% of LinkedIn videos being viewed silently I’d recommend requesting a subtitled version from your agency. With modern software, a good ai bot will give a great first stab but be sure to check it over before you hand in your homework. 🤖

4. Answers to questions
If on the first enquiry from potential suitors the same questions appear, definitely address these in the video if you can. Ask your sales team what kind of responses are common. In the same way, answering questions can help your SEO with relevant blogs, using this technique in your scripts will most certainly help.

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