Video Storytelling! 4 key points to add punch to your rich media messaging.

Video Storytelling can captivate all kinds of audiences. From small children to employees looking to learn new skills, backing the narrative up with a valid true life tale deepens the magic and expands the mind. Steer clear of data and analytics for just a moment and use the power of video to tell your story to boost your sales, raise enquires and educate your fans. Check out these 4 top tips to harness the power of video storytelling 👍🏼

Video Storytelling

One: Drop the Sales Pitch

Sure we all want to sell like crazy but overdoing it can be a serious turn off. Constantly bombarding our viewers with purchase points will numb the power of the story. Instead, focus on emotion, the positive of course, of how your solution has helped a client over time. Overcoming adversity to reach a goal can be a great plot to get creative with video storytelling.

Two: Testimonial dressed as a story

When looking for video storytelling ideas, look back on some of your client success stories. If they’re a long standing key account there may even be more than one occasion where guts and tenacity have won through and provided the right results. Ask permission of course and showing potential clients the longevity of your client rapports will strengthen your brand.

Three: Using B Roll

B roll (or cutaways) is extra bonus footage that video producers use to add engagement to a video. If you’re editing yourself search for terms like “add to add a second video layer” and you’ll find tons of online resources on the subject. They can also be used by an editor to cover up mistakes or hesitation so B Roll is immensely powerful.

Four: Don’t forget the Call to Action

The same as with a promotional video, we still have to remember a strong Call to Action when video storytelling. It’s best if it’s relevant to the story that’s just been told so think about a specific landing page for a specific campaign and watch those enquiries come home.

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Thanks for reading this short guide on the power of video storytelling.

Matt, Founder, Tweak Video Limited

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