What is a video marketing strategy and 4 ways to formulate one

Video can comprise a large chunk of your content strategy. But how can you optimise video in to the mix with other forms of content to give you the best chance of success? View these four tips below as we delve deeper in to the content marketing world and discover exactly what is a video marketing strategy?

what is a video marketing strategy

1 – Combine with email marketing

Most email marketing platforms send out a sequence of emails to prospects usually on a data list that has been purchased or gleaned from the downloading of a lead magnet. As well as crafting the copy that goes in those, consider a suite of four videos for each email. They can filmed in one day with careful planning and good script writing. Think about mixing up the location (and the wardrobe) to aid with engagement for prospects who view all four in full and use the visual power of video to show examples of success such as testimonials or social proof.

2 – Buying Cycle strategic video

For those B2B service providers with a lengthy sales funnel, nurturing is vital. If a potential new customer might spend 18 months+ in your sights, produce different video content for each buying stage. Remember to update these videos if your product evolves and encourage your outreach team to use Loom as these short form videos can add a personal touch alongside buying stage media that may well help them reach for the “send me an invoice” button. A buyer may take your solutions right down to the wire along against a competitor so tease them with even the innocuous features and benefits and sway them towards you. Ker-ching!! 

What is a video marketing strategy?

3 – Peak season social ads

If seasonal sales are the highlight of your year, a series of well timed social ads will have more impact than a single video. Experiment and A/B test your ads with various lengths suited to each social platform. Stick to traditional landscape framing for things like youtube ads and ask your video content agency to produce in portrait of course for younger demographics who prefer Snapchat and TikTok. CTA is important here for measuring direct response results.

4 – Combine video with blogs for powerful SEO

Google still likes to index on blogs for questions posed by your target audience. HubSpot is a prime example of how best to execute blog style content. Augment your series of blogs by using embedded video. Feel free to double up on your copy. use the same script (or close to it) for your blog post as your video script. Video SEO albeit less relevant now still has a place so if you’re hosting on YouTube, still take the time to fill in your search phrases and entitle it carefully to ensure those who might benefit can locate, ingest and enquire.

In general, any commitment to regular video content will give you an advantage over your competitors. Nothing is more powerful than visual communication. Growing and enriching the online experience of your social media followers (not to mention brand aficionados on your email list) can only serve to both keep your fresh in their minds in todays fast paced world and help you rank higher in organic search. Surely a win win. 

To fully appreciate what is a video marketing strategy, there is no magic blue pill. Rather a journey to be continually refined between in-house marketing teams who are the experts of the product/service and the video producer who’s power lies in project execution and the conversion of the masses.

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Thanks for reading this short guide on what is a video marketing strategy.

Matt, Founder, Tweak Video Limited

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