What is 3D animation video?

What is 3D animation video? 4 ways to use 3D product animation to grow sales successfully and engage your audience.

For companies who have a physical product then using 3D animated video to convey key points and benefits will both improve your audience engagement and encourage viewers to make an enquiry and purchase. But, exactly what is 3D animation video and where do you start? Let’s dive in to the world of 3D.

What is 3D animation video

What is 3D animation video

Find here four ways you can utilise the power of 3D animated video 👍🏼

On your website product page

Choose your bestseller or most profitable flagship product first. Use a video right at the top in the hero section and focus on customer pain points. Tell a story of usage and case studies and include a strong call to action at the end so viewers know where to go next.

Post sales technical support

It may be that your physical product has a technical element to it. Use video to explain visually to your audience how to maximise their purchase and how to overcome any FAQs or sticking points.

At trade shows and exhibitions

Max out the usage if you’ve had an explainer video made and show this on your stand at a trade show. Use subtitles in this instance and play the video silently. Any delegates at the event who are having to queue to chat with one of your representatives will have their interest peaked by watching an exciting product video.

Installation and training

Let’s say for example you manufacture EV charging points. Your workforce will need extensive training on how to install these in the real world. Use 3-D animation video as an internal communication training tool. This will mean that members of your workforce can go back and rewatch videos easily saving your instructors time and resources.

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