Video Production: Foreign language videos.

Video Marketing: Foreign language videos for overseas markets.

First off, where possible, know your target market from the project start. This way, we can storyboard a corporate video assignment (or animation) in a particular way, making translations into multiple languages a more fluid task.

An easy example of this would be to omit any images of native text – try to stick to symbols – think IKEA instruction manual.

With video, the two options are Dubbing or Subtitles.

Dubbing – This is where we employ a foreign voice artist to speak the translated words, and we mix the sound skilfully so that the native voice is heard underneath the new foreign voice.

Subtitles – Self explanatory really, translation services are employed and a video editor will edit in the text underneath as a graphic.

Video Production
On location in Basildon for our FASSI shoot!


Below is a link to our summer blockbuster for FASSI cranes. FASSI are an Italian company and the initial brief was to include four foreign languages versions: Italian, French, Spanish and (the one below) German.


We can offer cost-effective solutions for multi-lingual videos. One option is to do the translation yourselves if you feel the need. Or, alternatively, we can offer a turn-key solution where we take control of the whole process. Need more unusual languages like Chinese or Japanese? No problem, we can supply these too! Perhaps you require assistance in configuring an overall Video Marketing strategy? We’ll analyse your key messages and help to identify where your potential customers are. We work closely alongside agencies that provide Google True View analytics and advertising, ensuring that your videos enjoy good reach.

Need help with Video Marketing with International Reach? Please do get in touch, we’d be delighted to help! Pop along to to learn more.

Matt Peake, Director, Tweak Video

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