Video Production and the correct way to upload on YouTube

YouTube loves Video Production when it’s done correctly!

Grrrr… You’ve planned, filmed, edited and now finally uploaded your video to Google-owned YouTube and BLAST! What are those stupid black lines on the top and bottom? I thought I’d take a moment to explain some Video Production terminology to help you out.

A good place to start is the YouTube Help centre where we can find a wealth of info on file formats and duration but some of this might fly over the head of the would-be Steven Spielberg.

Aspect Ratio – Simply the shape of the video. For 99% of you, stick to 16:9 which is widescreen.

Letterboxing – These are black lines at the top and bottom of the screen. Don’t select this if you’ve filmed in widescreen. Just upload as is.

Data Rate – Whilst YouTube now accepts up to 50mpbs, I would opt to stay at YouTube recommended 8mbps. Your video taking AGES to upload? Maybe the data rate is too high (and indeed the video file size too big).

Tags – After successful upload, ensure you fill in your tags with the search keywords you wish to be found on!

I hope these few pointers have helped. I know it can be a real mine field when filming yourself. My top tip would be to film on an iphone in one single take and upload straight to YouTube – this is a great place to start!

Need advice on Video Marketing or how best to take advantage of YouTube. Get in touch now via and I’d be delighted to help.

Thanks, Matt Peake, Director, Tweak Video

Remember, Video Production needn’t be a scary thing. With a wealth of experience, we’ll ensure that you are well-prepared and relaxed in front of camera and we’ll even help with Social Strategy too. This will get the very best results from your Video Marketing endeavours.

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