Video Production or Animation – How to choose which one?

Both Video Production and Animated Films have a place in today’s modern marketing mix.

When though should you adopt one over the other? What are the pros and cons? Here’s our quick guide on how to decide;

Can you film it?

If it’s a microscopic process like medical or scientific for example, then it’s most likely to be animation. If it’s a product concept that’s yet to be released and tested in the real world, then again it’ll have to be something created in 3D…

For most of us though, we’ll have a product that is already manufactured, or a long running service meaning that we could create ideas for clients in both mediums (film and animation) and then it most likely comes down to cost and ease.

We recently produced a 3D animation for Lubetech with their spill control product “Site Mat”. We needed some heavy machinery to appear in videos (a JCB, a generator and chainsaw amongst others) plus, we had to demonstrate the product working in normal and wet weather conditions. What about actors? Could we use an employee to appear in the film? Would he be authentic? Will we have to hire in all the machinery?

We opted for a 3D animation as this gave us total control. We can create rain, sunshine, oil drops and any heavy machinery we wanted. Cost wise, the animation came in less-expensive… but, only just.

Our featured video “Lubetech Character” was also an animation as we wanted to include three separate characters to involve all ethnic minorities. Hiring in three actors would have spiralled our costs out of control.

If you’re looking for a cost effective Video Marketing solution and want advice on which genre to choose, drop us a line at Tweak and we’d be delighted to advise.

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