Video Marketing trends for 2020

Video Marketing trends: what to look out for in 2020


Whether 2D Explainer Videos are your thing or a high-spec 3D Animation render, I’m predicting these to be big this year for Video Marketing;

Social Video

With attention spans of generation Z’s getting shorter and shorter, having your instagram video primed for an intellectual goldfish will stand you in good stead. Load, and I mean heavily, the first 3-5 seconds of any video destined for Insta with highly relevant hooks. This will grip any millennial’s thumb faster than a switch in a teenager’s mood swing.

Youtube Advertising

It’s a specific edit of video. Don’t slap your web-page “conversion booster” video on to a Youtube campaign. You’ll burn cash quickly. Do ask your video agency to make a special edit from your existing video. And really, you want people to press skip ad. If they’re not interested after six seconds, by skipping, they are conserving your budget.


Ever typed in a search on Google and media related to those results have followed your around online? Yup, that’s re-marketing. Open a private browser window to prevent your spouse second guessing your romantic secret weekend away (in Bognor Regis). Video is now a big part of re-marketing, whether it’s a youtube ad or an animated gif on the display network. Done right, it’s very powerful!

DIY video content

There are a few providers out there who combine access to stock video (millions of hours) and use clever algorithms for animated text over the top. Well worth a look are solutions like Promo.comMoovly and Viddyoze. Really cost effective and remember to allocate a chunk of time for content creation on a regular basis.

DIY Animation

Solutions like ToonlyRenderforest and Vyond (formerly GoAnimate) are great for explainers if you have the time to invest. The platforms are a bit quirky and lower tier subscribers have to sometimes carry their watermark, but they are a great place to start for beginners on low budgets.

Find it all a bit of a maze?

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