Video Marketing: How to stop your viewers nodding off!

Two minutes is the answer. Two minutes is too long for a front page video. Research suggests that viewers are more likely to click play if the duration is showing anything less than two minutes (Wistia).

Less is more. It’s perfectly acceptable to have a promo video on your website front page of 60 seconds – in fact, we encourage it.

My advice would be to any businesses considering Video Marketing is this: request multiple edits of a film. Why? Because the additional cost is so small. The shoot is taking place so we may as well take maximum advantage of having the crew there. Have a short, snappy film on the front, and a longer edit of the same film somewhere else on the site. Chances are surfers will visit your site a more than once before enquiring and in longer sales cycles they’ll be ready to consume something longer.

Grab your YouTube channel and start your journey to greater engagement today!

Matt Peake, BA Hons Lens and Digital Media, Director,

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