Story Telling Tips for Video Marketing

People love stories. They thrive on them. Effective Video Marketing can help you reach your customers on an emotional level. Stories allow you to put actions and words into context. When marketing a product or service with video, stories help you show prospects what you’re about, without making them feel “sold.” When a story is on […]

Four Top Tips for Video Marketing Metrics

  In marketing, there are many instances in which the written word simply won’t cut it. For times like these, we often call upon video content to convey our intended message. With 82% of B2B marketers experiencing success with video marketing initiatives, according to a recent report for demand metric, there’s certainly no denying the compelling nature […]

5 Tips to improve your Video Marketing

All of us “video people” are constantly looking for ways to make our inbound marketing videos better and more engaging. Over the past few months, I’ve been compiling helpful tips I think will make your video marketing instantly better. Here’s what I’ve gathered so far. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. A crucial part of inbound marketing is […]

Choosing the Perfect Length for Your Video

We usually suggest keeping video content as short as possible, even suggesting 60 seconds as the ideal duration for a web video. And we’re not alone. On-going studies related to video duration consistently find that short videos perform better. However, while we still believe that basic mantra holds true (the shorter the better), we also […]

Video Marketing is hot – what are my options?

There are a multitude of Video Marketing options available and to help simplify the choices, I’ve listed three popular types below; Promotional Videos – Whack it straight on the front page of your website. Slap-bang in the middle. Emphasise your branding. Know your target market and wow them with a punchy, short, high-impact video that […]