Social Media Animation: How to create free updates on Canva (inc 5 min video)

Social media animation is the best type of content as it stands out against the rest of the competition. The last thing you want to do is blend in to the background like a chameleon in full camo gear.

Of course we’re an explainer video (animated video) agency accustomed to making bespoke projects but that doesn’t mean we don’t love a real bit of value. Cue Canva, a free solution (or paid) providing an easy design solution to marketing types for years.

The key to social media animation success is surely in posting regular content. And therefore keeping the process as smooth as possible will really help here. We’re not all Graphic Designers spending all day on Adobe Illustrator!

Canva makes it easy, once you get the hang of the user interface, to produce good quality content quickly. So knock yourself out and give it a whirl. Watch my five minute video below to get started with animated video and social media success.

Need to see some more awesome social media animation examples? Check out our portfolio page for explainer videos of the highest calibre here:

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