Looking to grow sales for your app? Use persuasive, punchy explainer videos to blast the competition out the water (or app store)

What is a mobile app explainer video?

A multitude of mobile apps are launched every single day. And as app numbers grow, so is the demand and increasing expectations of the users. Consumers are becoming wiser too. They’re looking not just at the design, features or functionalities but more importantly, how it’s personalised or customised based on their experience. Video marketing plays a huge role in monitoring the app’s demographics, reach or engagement, analytics, geography, metrics, and even it’s direct competitors. Everyday, app developers have to retain users and engage with them by providing fresh updates or new features, etc.

Research shows that up to 40% of people download or buy a mobile app if they are allured by an eloquent explainer video. An animated video really helps to convey the main features and benefits of your app!

Grow app sales with explainer videos

We’ll help create for you effective explainer video animations with upbeat music, professional voice over plus a compelling and persuasive script. Stand out from the noise with awesome animated explainer videos and grow your app sales quicker!

Our mobile app explainer video encourages users to purchase and download the app. It’s optimal length is at least 60 seconds with a script of 120 words. Educate your customers about what’s unique about your mobile app, it’s key features, functions, interface, advantages, and benefits. As a result, you’ll gain greater brand exposure, reach, engagement and conversions. Apps are developed for many purposes but, mainly it’s objective is to further entertain and educate its users or perhaps to make their life simpler and easier.

Let’s do this!