Looking for a 3D animation video that viewers will think is real life? Realistic modelling, textures and lighting can all contribute to giving your 3D CGI video the wow factor. If you need convincing, we’ll help you determine which should win through in 3D vs 2D animation.

For microscopic atomic particles or inter-spatial space exploration, animated 3D video can show your viewers exactly what’s amazing about your physical product. Looking to tell a story or to show real-world usage? We can design a 3D animation character or team to help.

What is 3D animation?

3D animation models or “Modelling” is our process of designing your product in virtual space. For smaller objects, they can be sent to us so we can examine and replicate each minor detail. For larger items, high quality photographs can suffice. We’ll ensure size, dimensions and planes all match your product precisely. You won’t be able to tell the difference between a photo and our renders!

3D animation texturing

Texturing is applying the “skin” to a cgi model. Once the modelling is complete, we’ll ensure the correct material finishes are applied. Light refracts from the rendered model mimicking the real world and providing depth in an accurate, perceivable fashion. When using 3D in animation, ambient occlusion is also factored in so objects sitting together do so harmoniously, true to life.

3D animation rigging

Rigging is the final element to our 3D production process. Many of our 3D animated videos include moving parts, often hinged in several places. Cogs, levers, arms, electrons – whatever the project brief carries, our 3D renders will move and act authentically, giving the viewer a real insight into what makes your product(s) stand above the competition.

Let’s do this!