Looking for a 2D animation video or an explainer video with motion graphics? Relax, you’re in good hands.

We can separate 2D animated videos in to a few different categories, character animation, motion graphics and motion infographics or indeed a blend of these.

2D Character Animation

Character Animation really helps us to tell a story. Using bespoke scenery, props and objects as well as unique, stylised characters, we can communicate your key points in a friendly, informative anecdote. Conveying emotion, particularly using facial expressions, really gives you the edge above your competitors.

2D Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics are moving symbols and objects which gently guide the viewer through the agreed narrative. They might include things such as clocks, traffic lights and coins. Coupled with Kinetic Typography (moving words which generally match the voiceover) we can add real impact to your message, persuading viewers to take the next step.

2D Motion Infographics

Motion Infographics help us to portray data in a visually engaging way (data visualisation) . If depicting statistics helps your buyers in their decision making, this is your segway. Graphs, charts and diagrams, as well as numbers and symbology can all be used to great effect, helping you achieve your marketing objectives.

With all of the above types, we’ll assist you with every aspect of explainer video production. We offer a truly turnkey solution!

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