If you’re in the Manufacturing industry and are looking for a visual experience for your customer base, you’re in the right place. It can be challenging to convey the manufacturing process, or product details, with traditional photography. Fortunately, animation can reveal aspects of the process and products that are otherwise impossible to showcase.

Whether you produce absorbency pads for industrial workplaces, Bluetooth home security solutions or automotive parts and concepts, showing your products in splendid animation can inform your audience and sell more units.

3D Animation Videos

3D Animation Videos provide a cost effective medium to portray your manufacturing products and applications to your target audience. Cheaper than a costly video shoot, we’ll partner to make a photo-realistic video showcasing why your solutions blast the competition out the water.

We’ll model accurately, giving the viewer a life-like experience, persuading them to purchase. Animations are also not constrained by traditional photography, enabling us to show off angles and 3D cross-sections that bring your product to life.

Manufacturing Explainer Videos

Manufacturing Explainer Videos are a modern, exciting way to inform and educate your audience about your bespoke products. Conveying your USPs in animated video lets you showcase your product advantages in a visually appealing medium. Forget boring old white papers and wow your potential customers with a slick, informative explainer video.

We can also bring the entire manufacturing process to life, showcasing the creation of products from R&D to the initial materials and then through the manufacturing line to testing, packaging and shipping.

Character Animation

Character Animation really helps you to tell your manufacturing story. Using bespoke scenery such as factories, airports, hospitals and many others, we can show precisely how your solutions are applied to benefit your clients. We’ll design your inventory to show your customer scenarios so they really get a realistic, accurate view of why your products are unique.

Stand out above the noise and use video to visually demonstrate why you’re the best!

Let’s do this!