Personalised Videos – the future of Video Marketing

One true innovation we’re seeing in the land of Video Marketing is the continued emergence of Personalisation. The seamless integration between a Video clip (be it film or animation) and a company’s CRM system. The delicate balance between creative, engaging content and Minority Report style tech is here. Now.

Whilst the driving force behind this phenomenon in the UK appears to be BT Contact in partnership with Idamoo, these infrastructure companies are open to working with third party creatives, which is fab news for agencies like us. BT Personalised Clip

Across the pond, the industry leader is arguably Sezion (example here – Clip by US firm Sezion) and the trend is found across most modern countries. The sectors behind the growth tend to be financial providers such as mortgage, credit card and insurance companies as they can take advantage of timed events including expiry dates of interest free periods or impending renewals.

The concept isn’t new of course, just the medium. I have fond memories of my Midland Bank account when I was just five years old, when I received a “Griffin Savers” birthday card. No surprise of course, that I’m still with HSBC today! Ah, the personal touch…

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