12 ways to benefit from a monthly video marketing content retainer

monthly video marketing content

Bit for trumpet blowing here ahem… with the new arrival of a monthly video marketing content retainer option for our clients, here are a few ways you can use video on a monthly basis.


Website Content

If there are key pages on your website that get strong traffic and are vital to your business success, add some video to the key sections. Monitor the traffic and continue to refine the video. Place your CTA next to it to max out the results. 


Social Media content

Keep your followers engaged with your new offerings, especially new product lines or improvements to existing ones. Not all of your video content is right to put out on social but most of it will be okay to post. So grow follower numbers and keep them engaged. 


Trade Show content (on the day)

Invested in a stand the size of the Taj Mahal? Don’t let those who couldn’t attend miss the opportunity to see it. With a monthly plan, ask your content agency to attend the show on one the day. Think about staff interviews, partner interviews or snippets from speakers/influencers. It’s a good opportunity to film testimonials too but make sure the background noise isn’t too loud. 


Trade Show content (month before)

Consider using a screen on your stand. During peak times, delegates might not be able to speak with a rep. By showing some silent video on a screen, you can display your full product/service range and encourage them to persist.


Attract Talent (new starter video)

Recently hired a superstar in accounts? If they’re game and bubbly, seek permission to film them for a quick social media interview. Getting known in your sector as a top employer will help you attract, and keep the top talent!


Attract Talent (culture)

If you’ve a team event upcoming that promotes team building or even a social event, ask your videographer to attend and record some content. This may be the difference between a superb candidate choosing you over a competitor. 


P.O.S Video (point of sales)

Definitely towards the premium end of video production, if you need to roll credits over on a monthly video marketing content plan, put them towards a high end production to be used at point of sale. Tempt traffic with enticing visuals and an informative voice track.


Animated Explainer Video

Again if you have credits then put them towards an animation video such as a Character Animation, Motion Infographics or 3D product video. Whilst 3D product animation is towards the premium end, 2D animation is a real winner for all companies but especially for service providers like fin tech, Saas or training providers.


Sales Demo (outbound)

Consult with your sales director and learn if they could benefit from using the power of video as part of the sales process. For more complex solutions , demonstrating how you can help will be simpler using visuals. Sending follow up emails with a demo video will help your potential customers get over the line and adopt.


Sales (Post Sales Support)

For technical products or services, screening the data from FAQs will often reveal that the same questions repeat themselves. Save time and resource by sending out FAQ videos for the most persistent offenders. 


Testimonial Video

If you’ve a client that’s a real ambassador for your brand, ask if your videographer can go and film them. Genuine reviews and even the chance to tell a compelling story will raise your brand profile and provide the all important social proof that is gold dust to new client acquisition. 


Front Page Video

My advice is to place it right in the header section of your front page. Hero content needs to be at the top. All businesses now should have a front page explainer video (video or explainer animation) that communicates quickly what your company is for and who it helps. Don’t try and say too much here. The idea is to peak interest, keep viewers on your site and be so memorable that they return for a 2nd time.

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Thanks for reading this short guide on 12 ways to benefit from a monthly video marketing content

Matt, Founder, Tweak Video Limited

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