Video Marketing is hot – what are my options?

There are a multitude of Video Marketing options available and to help simplify the choices, I’ve listed three popular types below;

Promotional Videos – Whack it straight on the front page of your website. Slap-bang in the middle. Emphasise your branding. Know your target market and wow them with a punchy, short, high-impact video that ensures you stand out and they remember you.

Client Testimonials – Reviews are highly trusted (think Amazon and Ebay) and we instil confidence in potential customers when we provide them with real life accounts of customer experience. Service is everything and if you’ve delighted past clients, let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth!

Event Video – Making a big hoo-haa for a product launch? Attending a big-daddy trade show? Cover it with film and release multiple edits. You can drip-feed the content over two weeks or so and add it to your archive. It’ll do wonders for your SEO and cement your place in the market as a leading player.

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