Is Video Marketing effective?

Video has been billed as being the next big thing for about ten years now but, is video marketing effective? Will it have a positive impact on your business, and more importantly, one that you can measure and refine?

Effective video marketing (or content) isn’t that easy to produce. We can split the task in to a couple of elements, for the production part at least. 

We have the technical element that is to say the shooting, editing and correct uploading. 

Then we have the creative element – not just producing video that is engaging and educational but one that is fit for consumption by your target audience. 

The absolute winning formula is when Video content is so good, it gets shared between prospects, commented upon and goes viral. Wahoo!!

In reality promises cannot be made to clients that content will go viral. Going on the journey together, with a sustained video marketing campaign will overall result in continual refinement. On YouTube for example, the analytics are now so precise that we can see an aggregated time in a video where most viewers have quit. If your video series follows a particular pattern (let’s say you play a sponsorship clip that is annoying to some) then we can go back to storyboard and make adjustments to that clip or decide to cut entirely.  

Ergo, we can most certainly endeavor to move toward viral content with good analytics and the right changes. 

Whereby content does indeed go viral, drilling down on the metrics to ascertain exactly what magic unicorn dust you sprinkled on it, will only serve to help you repeat the success. Usually content that is original, helpful and insightful will win through. Videos of your cat, whilst cute, generally fail to cut the mustard.

Using a Social Media calendar with upcoming events can help you with some quick wins but try and add some originality to it. Take Pancake day. Get your team of course to engage in the traditional flip, but attempt to put a spin on it. Something selfless that will serve to benefit your target audience. Videos should rarely by about vanity (be it the brand or one’s persona) and should always provide value and where suitable a bit of humour.

For example, if you’re a financial planner, split your pancake in to a pie chart for diversifying your investment portfolio!

I recommend having a company explainer video on your front page with a view to updating this every couple of years. There are so many uses now for video (such as post sales support, how to installation, youtube ads etc) that prioritising for best ROI is something a good video agency will help with. 

With the unstoppable Tik Tok on the rise, keeping abreast of the next big platform, and it’s relevancy to your target demographic is also something that a good video marketer will keep on top of.

So, is video marketing effective?

It’s a loud resounding yes, if it’s done with the audience and your budget in mind.

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Thanks for reading this short guide on how explainer videos help businesses.


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