Video Production: Foreign language videos.

Video Marketing: Foreign language videos for overseas markets. First off, where possible, know your target market from the project start. This way, we can storyboard a corporate video assignment (or animation) in a particular way, making translations into multiple languages a more fluid task. An easy example of this would be to omit any images […]

Video Production and the correct way to upload on YouTube

YouTube loves Video Production when it’s done correctly! Grrrr… You’ve planned, filmed, edited and now finally uploaded your video to Google-owned YouTube and BLAST! What are those stupid black lines on the top and bottom? I thought I’d take a moment to explain some Video Production terminology to help you out. A good place to […]

Video Production: What is 4K or Ultra HD and do I need it?

When assessing your Video Marketing requirements you may stumble across Ultra HD or 4K. What should you opt for when seeking Video Production? HD = 1920 x 1080 pixels. 4K = 4096 x 2160. Baffled? Don’t be : – ) Standard HD is still a great standard for Online Video although Youtube now accepts 4K […]

The Value of Music in Video Marketing

Engagement is everything and Music in Video Marketing is a must. You’ve got six seconds. So grab em!!   Keep any intro short and sweet and really think about music track selection to keep the viewer attention right on your content. Have a look at this LinkedIn video on YouTube; The music is so ace. […]

Personalised Videos – the future of Video Marketing

One true innovation we’re seeing in the land of Video Marketing is the continued emergence of Personalisation. The seamless integration between a Video clip (be it film or animation) and a company’s CRM system. The delicate balance between creative, engaging content and Minority Report style tech is here. Now. Whilst the driving force behind this […]

Emerging Video Marketing Trends for 2016

2015 was a busy year in video marketing. In July, YouTube announced that 400 hours of video were being uploaded to the site every minute. In November, Facebook announced that they are generating 8 billion video views per day. And according to Tubular Labs, 654.7 million videos have been uploaded by 66.7 million creators in […]

Story Telling Tips for Video Marketing

People love stories. They thrive on them. Effective Video Marketing can help you reach your customers on an emotional level. Stories allow you to put actions and words into context. When marketing a product or service with video, stories help you show prospects what you’re about, without making them feel “sold.” When a story is on […]

Four Top Tips for Video Marketing Metrics

  In marketing, there are many instances in which the written word simply won’t cut it. For times like these, we often call upon video content to convey our intended message. With 82% of B2B marketers experiencing success with video marketing initiatives, according to a recent report for demand metric, there’s certainly no denying the compelling nature […]

5 Tips to improve your Video Marketing

All of us “video people” are constantly looking for ways to make our inbound marketing videos better and more engaging. Over the past few months, I’ve been compiling helpful tips I think will make your video marketing instantly better. Here’s what I’ve gathered so far. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE. A crucial part of inbound marketing is […]

Choosing the Perfect Length for Your Video

We usually suggest keeping video content as short as possible, even suggesting 60 seconds as the ideal duration for a web video. And we’re not alone. On-going studies related to video duration consistently find that short videos perform better. However, while we still believe that basic mantra holds true (the shorter the better), we also […]