How Video Marketing helps business

You’re perhaps a marketing manager or director or small business owner. You understand the hype and the power of video but you’re not sure exactly how video marketing helps business? I’ll explore 4 facets of Video Marketing to help your business grow and prosper. Let’s go!

How Video Marketing helps business
How Video Marketing helps business

1. Video is more powerful than text

If you’re continually releasing information to your audience in a written form, create video content in addition to your text. In fact they can be the very same. Treat your copy task as if you’re writing a script. 120 words per minute is perfect. This will help you be more concise! Then you can include both the video and the text in your update. Even better now that your audience can choose to watch or read. Neat trick! Blogging for SEO? Include video in your blogs too.

2. Higher on-page conversion

Focussing on your most profitable products first, create engaging videos as part of your buyer funnel. Whatever your paid efforts are for driving traffic to a web page, you can max out your ROAS by having an explainer video (camera or animated) in the hero section, or as close to the top as possible. Tweak your webpage so the CTA in the video matches your on page CTA and don’t try and explain too much at this stage. There is room for longer videos further on down the buyer journey.

How Video Marketing helps business

3. Social Media engagement 

The last thing we should do with followers is neglect them. We should constantly update them with our news and products. Of course video should be part of the mix here as a blend of content types such as graphics, photos etc is highly recommended. If you’re attending a trade show, there’s an easy win to be had. Plan what you can film on your smartphone and drip feed this content out over the next month after the event. Regularly posting relevant, interesting and educational video content across your social media platforms will help you grow follower numbers organically.

4. Post sales technical support

If upon crunching the data, we find that the same questions arise on certain products, create a video for your help desk to send out. This will save a lot of time and resource and free up your agents for more complex and unique FAQs. If a member of your technical support team departs, with this use of video, we may not need to replace them saving your company an entire salary so well worth thinking about. A library of video resources for the most frequent problems encountered will empower your users to seek the solutions themselves – a win win.

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Thanks for reading this short guide on How Video Marketing helps business.

Matt, Founder, Tweak Video Limited

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