How to make an Explainer Video: the 5 key elements to help you win and free up your time!

You’re interested in animated video (or an explainer video) but what are the secrets to happiness, and greater sales conversions?

Where do you start?

Looking to learn how to make an explainer video? Follow these steps;

How to make an Explainer Video

The Five Key Elements are;

  • Script
  • Storyboard
  • Voiceover
  • Music and sound fx
  • Animation

Script – Aim for 120 words per mintue. This really is the sweet spot. Either go for a longer video if you need to or be ruthless on editing down the copy!

Storyboard – Five seconds per scene is best so a 12 scene board for a one mintue video. Just sketch it out on good old fashioned paper (or Google Jamboard is great). We use either Adobe InDesign or is great for professionals.

Voiceover – Ask your agency to select a shortlist of relevant artists. Think about gender, accent and tone. What suits your messaging best?

Music & Sound FX – You could try our favourite for music tracks. There is so much choice on there. Try and match the tempo of the music to the pace of the edits for best results. Sound FX add that extra level of pro to a video and that’s why we offer it as a great value upgrade here at Tweak 👍🏼

Animation – Once you’re happy with all of the above elements, proceed to animation. If you’re a novice it will take a long time to master adobe After Effects or 3D animation software like Autodesk Maya. So leave it to the professionals or have a go on if you have the time.

Have a go and good luck!

Thanks for your continued support and hopefully this will help you learn how to make an explainer video.

I’m a real person writing this email and you can reply to it and I’ll pick it up. Feel free to ask me any questions about Video Marketing or Explainer Animations : – )


PS – pop across to our portfolio page if you wish to see further examples or book a call with me in my cal;

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