How to make an animated video? 3 great options for success!

Every wondered how to make an animated video or are you curious about what software is used?

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a Blue Chip company, using explainer videos and content marketing will help you communicate and grow!

The term “Explainer Video” usually lends itself to an animated video. But, it doesn’t have to. You can of course make an explainer video (a video that shows how something works or the benefits of adoption) with a smartphone or camera. For this article we’ll focus on the more popular meaning for the phrase.

How to make an animated video?

Option One – “DIY Solutions”

Save from actually going ahead and mastering the software yourself (our artists generally use “Adobe After Effects”) which could take you aeons, there are solutions on the market to help you “Do It Yourself”.

Online tools like Renderforest, Powtoon and VYOND are cloud based solutions with some super clever coding behind them. You can easily trial any of these services and have a go yourself. Some will even create a video for you from the script so it’s worth a try if you’re time-rich. You’ll find yourself a little bit restricted with the asset libraries if you’re looking for something specific although the option to upload custom assets is available.

Option Two – Budget Online Suppliers

Most marketing professionals know that Fiverr and Upwork are a good place to start when sourcing an animator on a freelance basis.

Sure you can find one in your own country who speaks the same tongue and bargains can be had with off shore opportunities too. Take your time to read the reviews and search for an external website to validate. Don’t gamble on a newcomer. Let someone else take the risk. I fully recommend toggling the premium tab to select the cream of the crop 👍🏼 🥛

Option Three – Video Marketing Agencies

Ah, the old normal. Nothing beats a face to face meeting over coffee ☕️ for building trust and measuring the cut of someone’s jib ⛵️.

Moreover, actually understanding the brief and the desired outcome deeply is waaaay more probable if you can meet in person. Zoom is of course a really good timesaver so shouldn’t be discounted but with the first two options listed above you’ll be restricted largely to email comms – nightmare! You won’t need to learn how to make an animated video as a turnkey solution (including things like script-writing and custom thumbnail design) will be included towards the premium end, along with regular project updates and outstanding customer service.

Need some help planning your video project or content marketing strategy?

It can be a minefield 💣….so know that I am here to help you.

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Thanks for reading this short guide on “how to make an animated video?”

Matt, Founder, Tweak Video Limited

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