How explainer videos help businesses!

From brand boosting social media animations to post sales support 3D renders, read this guide below to really learn how explainer videos help businesses.

How explainer videos help businesses

Boost your Conversion Rate

If you’re paying online advertising fees whether that might be Google advertising or any other kind of social advertising (like Facebook ads), then using an explainer video on your landing page can help turn those “paid for” clicks into an enquiry.

If your funnel is tuned and you know what kind of behaviour people do on your webpage then using an effective explainer video can really help to boost your conversion rate and reduce your ad spend. Place your video near to the action step for maximum effect.

Educate your Audience

Brand awareness is still the top of the funnel for most businesses. If you have good follower numbers on your social media channels then this is a golden ticket to keep those fans engaged. The last thing you want to do with those fans is neglect to use the goodwill in following you by ignoring them (and missing the opportunity). Keeping your followers abreast with new products that are launching as well as new features on existing products or services will help to raise your profile and make sure that you stay at the forefront of your followers minds.

Save time and resource on post-sale support

if you have a technical product or service then you will often have a post sales support team, perhaps working on the phone or ticketing system or as a live chat, who will answer questions around technical difficulties experienced with your product.

By identifying the most popular questions with good data, we can produce cost-effective explainer videos to send out for the most common queries. This might mean that you may not need to replace someone in your query centre and you could save yourself an entire salary as a business. Simply send the link and let viewers watch the video and resolve the issues themselves.

Hopefully this has given you some insight as to how explainer videos help businesses in a variety of ways. You can even double up on content. “Multi purpose use” really can be efficient. Going to a trade show? Then use your explainer videos on your stand to attract footfall 👍🏼

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Thanks for reading this short guide on how explainer videos help businesses.


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