Step One: Once we partner, we’ll write the script for you (120 words per minute).

Step Two: We’ll source a voice artist for you and send examples for you to hear.

Step Three: We’ll create for you a unique branded storyboard.

Step Four: Music choice can really help with buyer emotion and we’ll guide you here.

Step Five: Once the storyboard is approved by the final decision maker, we’ll move to animation.

A storyboard is a pre-production visual guide. We use five seconds per scene so a one minute video uses a twelve scene storyboard. You’ll be able to see how the script syncs with the visuals and how the action will pan out. We have notes underneath for the narrator (or voice artist) and the art direction (the action). We always ask for sign off from the final decision maker on the last storyboard iteration. We don’t expect the video to be wildly different from the plot/story illustrated in the storyboard but you will be able to make script changes at this stage.

It takes twenty business days to complete from start to finish. The start date is funds received. We use Trello (or email if you prefer) so you can easily see your project progress. We follow a refined set process which makes working together a cinch!

Because we have an extremely agile business model. We are always here to serve you with excellent levels of communication and project management which you just won’t find elsewhere. Plus we have a full money back guarantee.

2D animation includes motion infographics and animated characters. It’s best suited to a service such as, but not limited to, Software, Saas, Fintech, Crypto and Cyber security and basically anything you cannot touch. 

3D animation is best suited for clients with a physical product. So Engineering, Manufacturing, Biotech and Medical among others. 

We always watermark our videos in the production phase. If at the end of the process, you’re not 100% satisfied with the video, we’ll offer a full refund, no questions asked. You won’t be able to keep a HD, unwatermarked video I’m afraid. But rest assured, there is no risk on your part.

There are two ways to pay…

1 – 70:30 split payment – A 70% deposit is required to commence the project with the final balance due upon completion. We always remove the watermark after final remuneration.

2 – Advance payment – We can offer a discount for an advance payment of between five and eight percent. For multiple videos, we can offer a 10% discount for producing one video per month with a minimum order of three videos.

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