Explainer Video options: 2D, 3D Animation or a bit of both?

Explainer Video choices – what are your options?


Of course this is a decision for digital marketing types and traditional video might be in the mix too. If it’s for a short shelf life, filming some social content on a smartphone is easily the most cost-effective. Rehearse and film in one take to avoid editing – just upload, optimise and spread. Flipping ‘eck – film the team this pancake day – easy, fun content.

Mario shown here in 2D and 3D
Mario shown here in 2D and 3D


Although, if a boost in on-page conversion (conversion rate optimisation) is the desired outcome, having a quality video as your hero content is a must.

If you can touch it, like a physical product, consider 3D animation. For smaller hand-held products, you may be able to blend 3D assets in a simple, flat background and make a huge saving on environment design (as you’ll omit any rendering).

For larger physical products, especially those that have to be portrayed in context (like a location for example) a full 3D explainer video is advised.

If you offer a service (like a software solution or crypto currency) a motion graphics based video (2D animation) is probably best and budget needn’t be spent on costly 3D scenery. Quicktime player still offers screen records for free so consider that too.

Before committing to video, define what results you wish for. Any video marketer should steer you toward the correct kind of video based on budget and measurable results.

For further research try Hubspot’s guide to Explainer Video

or, on our website we have dedicated pages for both 2D and 3D explainers;



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