Explainer Video Examples for service based firms

So, what kind of explainer video examples are interesting to you? Well that depends on what kind of business you run, whether you sell a product or a service and what you wish to achieve with an animated video. 3D animation or 2D explainer video – let’s dive in!

Service based businesses

If you run a service like an insurance company or a cyber security company then a 2D animated video is best. Focus on solving customer pain points with either a character animation or motion infographics. Take a look at this video for https://www.payapps.com/ – an informative, engaging explainer video that educates their target audience.

For sensitive companies like care for the elderly where discretion is important, character animation is perfect for displaying features and benefits. Filming (and the permission to) can be an issue in certain situations. We made this video in partnership with Jog Media Australia for https://www.hcna.com.au/

Want to see more explainer video examples? View our portfolio – https://tweakvideo.com/portfolio/

And you can view our prices by clicking here – https://tweakvideo.com/pricing/

Thanks for reading our blog about animated video and explainer video examples for service based businesses.

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Matt, Director Tweak Video

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