Explainer Video: Do you need one?

Including an explainer video on your landing page can boost your conversion rate by up to 80% (Unbounce) so if you have a website then the answer is simply yes.
A better question to ask is “how much do you need to spend?” Find below some golden rules you can follow to get the most from an explainer video!


With most processes, it’s worth starting at the end. That’s why we help define marketing goals with clients before we commence any creative. What does success look like to you? What would you define as a conversion? What ROI do you expect?

If you’re a smaller business with a tight budget, I still think the best approach is to film something on your smartphone. Rehearse diligently and stick to 120 words (for a one minute video) and think about a funky location like a café or innovation hub to film a selfie. Avoid lines like “we were established in…” and focus on your value add. Use the words “you” and “your” and for landing page video, finish on your “Call to Action”.

For SMEs, placing a well executed video on a landing page (above the fold) will establish your authority and garner trust. I hear sometimes fear on the part of the client that videos might be “cartoony” and whilst character animation is right for some, a slick, motion graphics video (also known as motion info-graphics) is a viable alternative that can convert a viewer in to an enquiry. Showing your solution visually has TONS more impact than a paragraph of even the strongest copy.

Repeating copy from your webpage and using it as a script is advisable. This will help create synchronicity between your marketing material and will help you to repeat the same messaging.

Do – ask your video agency for a subtitled version to post across social media.

Don’t – put a landing page video as a YouTube Ad – you will burn cash quickly. A youtube ad is a totally unique video.

Creating a Eureka moment inside the viewers mind, that indeed you have the solution to relieve their pain is absolutely the desired effect. Lead the viewer with your call to action onto next steps and get them to make an enquiry. This is what I call the “hand off” and at this point the job of landing page video is done.

Now it’s over to your sales team!

Interested in getting more inbound leads through landing page video, click here to learn more  and thanks for reading.

Matt Peake, BA Hons Digital Media, Director, Tweak Video

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