The Best Examples of Animated Video

The best examples of animated video including different types of explainer animation. From 3D animation, motion infographics and character animation. Let’s dive in to Explainer Videos! SPLOSH!!

examples of animated video

Examples of Animated Video

So you’ve decided you need a video but you’re not sure what kind is right for your brand. Well, take a peek at these stunners below from our portfolio, the very best in each category and we can make a decision together.

Simply, if you have a physical product like a wind turbine or a solar panel then 3D animation is a really good option. For service providers like Cryptocurrency training or insurance, then a 2D explainer video is best. Explainer videos can come in many forms and I’ve listed the main categories below.

3D Animated Video

This 3D product explainer helped grow Western Global’s sales by 30% in one year

Transportable fuel tanks and their application in the physical world can be tricky to film. Especially as the defence sector is a key partner. Filming in a war-zone obviously presents some impracticalities hence an animated video was chosen giving us the chance to portray key benefits of adoption and ultimately a tangible increase in sales.

2D Character Animation

Even though we have a physical product here, a 2D character video was more cost effective

Yale are a well known global brand and with this collaboration we used a fun medium to show different scenarios for product use. The video gained much traction both on the company’s product website page and on social channels.

2D Animation, Motion Infographics

Storytelling is so powerful – viewers retain detail and are intrigued and captivated

With such a rich heritage, we were commissioned to create this emotive video showing the brand’s history. In order to celebrate such an important anniversary, we depicted Yale’s story using this awesome example of motion design bringing us right up to the present day.

Video Production

Did you know that we also offer location shoots? Drones and interviews are awesome!

Oxford Spires Academy asked us to come and film a series of three videos for their impending open day. Of course we obliged and arrived on location with a qualified drone operator. Coupled with some branded motion graphics and engaging B-roll footage (overlays) the academy were delighted with the end result.

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Thanks for reading this short guide on the ultimate examples of animated video.

Matt, Founder, Tweak Video Limited

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