Animation Video: How much does it cost?

If you’re looking at an animation video or explainer video, then you might be thinking about budget as your first port of call.


Find below typical cost ranges for all video marketing options;

Animation Videos under £200

Rehearse a short script of 120 words and film yourself with your laptop camera/smartphone. Really focus on customer pain points and why your solutions will benefit the client. Use available lighting and choose somewhere quiet. Film it in one take and upload to youtube for free. Simples!

Animation Videos under £400

If you’re looking to tick the box for an on page explainer video, then head over to and hunt for a bargain. Try off shore (like Vietnam or Pakistan) if you’re tight on cash. Whilst the communication might not be plain sailing ⛵️, you’ll be able to cross the line eventually. Cheap UK options might include Video Cottage and you can further cut costs by reducing duration down to 30 seconds. We recommend 60 seconds though 👍🏼Furthermore, I’m not a massive fan of Doodle (or whiteboard) animation but if you think your customer base will respond to this, check that out too.

Animation Videos under £3000

If you’re still on the fence between real footage and an animation at this price bracket, consider a videographer and search for a local one. Alternatively, some UK agencies may be able to accommodate you but, still with a degree of “off the shelf” or “clip art” type designs. You may not get scriptwriting, storyboarding and a voice over track for less than £1k (or not a high quality one anyway).

Animation Videos under £5000

This is where we sit. We’re a bespoke Explainer Video company that guarantees results. Your video will be unique and branded to you with added extras such as, multiple character/scenery design and sound fx. Expect a personal, all inclusive service, a refined stage-based workflow and a commitment to satisfaction. Check out our Explainer Page to see our work – Tweak 2D Explainers

Animation Videos under £20k

This price bracket is for custom animations which may be a blend of 2D and 3D or uniquely a 3D animation video. If you have a physical product (like a special drill) then 3D is often a good choice over a cheesy “film it yourself” home movie. Click on our 3D Animation Page

Things to consider;

What’s your average order value and how much do you spend monthly on driving traffic to your website? Are you social media channels important to you? If you have a healthy marketing budget then invest in something quality, that will achieve your desired results and uphold your brand.

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