Animated Video for Lead Generation: your essential guide

Animated Video – How can you use it for Conversion Rate Optimisation and for increasing inbound leads from your website?

So, you’ve had a new website designed. You’re driving traffic to it by a number of different methods. But, you’re not getting the results you want. Here’s where a powerful, well designed animated video (or explainer video) can really help.

These tips below are for Web page video. Ordinarily, the best place to start is with your homepage. Visitors want to see, and quickly, what you are all about. What’s unique about your offering? Why should they choose you over the competition?

Animated Video





Follow these points for real success;


  • Animated Video Placement – Heroic placement means right at the top. I’d advise this tactic for all. Especially though if you’re selling a widget-like-product and you sell directly off your website. The phrase is “above the fold” which means users shouldn’t need to scroll to see it, on desktop or mobile.
  • Thumbnail DesignTwo prongs to this fork. Enticing design (ask your video agency for a thumbnail included in the quote) which looks attractive and on-brand and also, a text-based actionable instruction. You guessed it, nowt wrong with “watch our video now” atop the video.
  • Duration60 seconds is fine. Really challenge yourself to stick to 120 words of narrative script. You can make longer video content for elsewhere on your site if you provide complex solutions. For homepage, one minute is optimal!!
  • SubtitlesFor sure, ask your agency for two edits (one with subtitles and one without). You have everything to gain by using the subbed version on your front page explainer video. Save the voice-only edit for a captive audience (like a symposium) where the AV guy (offer him a coffee to get him on your side) will ensure the audio is sweet as a nut.
  • Call to ActionAdd it to your voice over script. Include it in your subtitles of course. And, do the appropriate web dev – add the CTA button really close to the video to maximise success!
  • HostingI used to extol the virtues of YouTube hosting. It’s still a great option for free if you’re on a budget. Vimeo Plus is superb at £10 per month though and greater analytics can be prioritised with solutions like Brightcove, Sproutvideo, Vidyard and Wistia. Use a hosting option that suits your needs/budget.
  • Testimonial ContentCan you squeeze in a quick quote from a success story in to your front page conversion video? If so, great. Also, “Five star Trust-pilot rating” (or similar) toward the finale can really make the difference.
  • Use “you” and “your”avoid talking about yourself. Focus on customer pain points and how your solutions are the remedy. Steer clear of “we were established in…” and “we have…” etc. Avoid jargon and speak language your potential clients will understand.
  • Clear Conversion TrackingEarly on in discussions with your Video Agency, clearly define what your ideal outcome is. What would you class as success? If it’s filled in contact forms on a web page, communicate this and design the video with the goal in mind.
  • Have FunTry and stand out against the noise and if you can raise a smile on the viewers face, well, that’s half the battle won!

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Thanks for reading. Matt

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