Animated Video: Do you need subtitles?

Animated Video – Subtitles or not?

There’s a ton or research online about animated video with subtitles (or subs) so it’s essential you get real bang for your buck when you approach a Video Marketing agency.

Obi Wan subtitles Tweak Video

Here’s a few thing to consider;

Office workers – Ah, water cooler moments. Being nice to your boss. Flirting with Mary in IT support. All of these things make your day slightly more pleasant. What might not, is really wishing you could watch a video with audio, when there is none. Especially if there are no subtitles options either… dials Mary’s extension…

2.85% of facebook videos are watched on mute 🤐 so if I were you , I’d hardwire your subtitles in and post that edit up there.

Foreign languages audiences – you may sell your products or services to an international audience (even unknowingly). In fact, you may sell to a prospect in your own country whose command of the native language may be limited.

Technical Products/services may have a particular benefit to having subtitles on. This will help viewers grasp jargon words and search further online for material around your offering. Ever wish you knew how some words were spelled?

Watching to completion: a study by PLYMedia found that 66% of videos (without subtitles) were watched to completion compared to 91% of video with subtitles.

Example “Sky Sports” – I follow them on Instagram as a keen Villa fan (must’ve done something wrong in past life) and all their video clips carry subs.

Sky Sports Insta

YouTube closed captions: The auto generated captions on youtube are fabulous. Make sure you have good, clear audio if you know you’ll opt for this later. If you use YouTube to host (and embed) video on your site, the player options shall be visible to viewers to “select” subs.

Creating video with text on is another option around this. You can design a video that has funky text in it. This is called “Kinetic Type” and you should ask your Video Agency about it.

Thanks for reading and pop across to our portfolio if you wish to see more videos!


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