Convert visitors into clients

Boing, boing…boing.

That’s the sound of your website visitors. Bouncing off to view a competitor’s site. The problem: they couldn’t discover quickly enough what’s awesome about your product or service. Maybe your webpage is too text heavy, which can be daunting visually. Perhaps the video was hidden way down at the bottom of the page and it’s too long? With a snappy explainer video, placed above the fold, they’ll know what’s amazing about you and enquire.

Short intro videos to keep attention

Keep it short and sweet. The longest webpage video I’ve seen is seven minutes long. Yawn…Sixty seconds is perfect to engage the viewer and peak their interest in your solutions. We’ll keep your script concise and communicate the key points leaving the audience wanting to know more. With ever decreasing attention spans, let’s educate, engage and convert.

Let’s do this!