3D Animation or 2D – What’s the difference for growth and success?

3D animation can be costly.

More importantly, what’s best for your business?

Watch my video below to learn more and to see a couple of examples.

Knowing the difference is not as obvious as it might seem and there is of course, some cross over. In some cases a hybrid between the two mediums is the best solution.

For most however, taking the plunge and committing to one or the other is down to a simple division.

If you run a service based business like SEO or Crypto Trading for example, as you can’t really touch these, I strongly recommend a 2D solution, whether that’s using character or motion graphics.

If you’re a product marketing manager for instance, or your business primarily runs on selling real, physical products, 3D Animation or a 3D explainer video is best.

Have a look at these two images below. They’re both awesome, just different!

2D animation version of Earth
Earth as used in a 2D explainer video
3D animation version of Earth
A more realistic Earth in a 3D animation

If you’d like a free consultation or even to bounce a few ideas around, please go ahead an book a call with me and I’d be delighted to audit your current video strategy and identify areas for potential improvement 👍🏼

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